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The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked country in Central-South Asia. The Himalaya mountain range runs across Nepal’s northern and western parts and eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including Mount Everest, are within its territory. The total area of Nepal is 147.181 sq. It has many different cultures and local languages. Different technologies are available here.

In and around Kathmandu you can find many options for travelling, like a 1-2 days hike city tour, a culture tour and mountain trekking. So many kinds of flowers 🌸 are available here and different types of birds also. You can learn easily here and see everything live. Nepal is a very small country but it has many festivals, cultures, casts and old technologies. You can do many different activities and learn about the Nepali cultures.

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The population of Nepal consists of 80% Hindu and more than 10% of Buddhists. We love to celebrate life in our festivals. For example the women’s Tej festival, where all women wear red sari’s, sing songs, are fasting during one day for the health of their families and pray to their God Shiva. Our main and biggest festival is Dashain. We celebrate ten days and all the Nepali office schools are having holidays. Our second main festival is called Tihar, a five days celebrating brother and sisterfestival. Then we also respect some animals and pray to our God Laxmi.

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Nepal is a Himalayan country with three parts of altitude: mountains, hills and land (Terai). The mountain area is very high and mostly cold because of that. There you can see snowleopards, panda’s ,snowbears, yaks and mountaingoats. At the hillside you can see small leopards, deer, horses, donkeys (for transport) and many kinds of birds and flowers 🌸 or plants. The Terai has big jungles and can be very hot. You can find many animals like rhinos, elephants, tigers, crocodiles and others water animals. Umeshadventures offers you an excellent service about trekking all over Nepal and its mountains. We have lots of experienced guides and porters. We garantee to arrange everything about travel tools and information.



Muktinath is an important pilgrimage place for both, Hindus and Buddhists. In the morning we pay our visit to the Vishnu Temple and Gompa. Descending from Ranipauwa village down the steep and barren hillside, we tumble down toward Kagbeni and then to Jomsom, finally arriving at Marpha. The trail today is quite surreal as we trek along a plateau above Kali Gandaki, the world`s deepest gorge. The barren landscape of this area resembles Tibet. Marpha is also famous as the apple capital of Nepal where one can enjoy different items made from apple. The local apple brandy of Marpha is famous all over Nepal.

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